Introducing TweeterNaire 2.0, the
Twitter Marketing Software 
allows you to legally steal your
competitors contacts list and
instantly start selling to them

Dear Marketer,

Twitter continues to be a source of amazing free highly targeted traffic. Since it’s launch Twitter has become an absolute phenomena. You can’t turn on the TV without seeing Advertisements, News Reports, Music Shows that don’t have a Follow Us url. The growth of Twitter is incredible. It is the No. 1 source of Free Traffic outside of Google YouTube and Facebook.

But as with other social platforms there is a challenge to overcome, rather several challenges. How can you build a following without wasting hours of your valuable time each week, when in reality you want to be able to choose a niche and find all of the people interested in it. Then how can you communicate with your followers, again without spending hours and hours.

It seems obvious that a software would help. There are several options out there when it comes to choosing a Twitter Marketing Software package, but for many reasons I can assure you that there is nothing else like TweeterNaire.

TweeterNaire is a responsible Twitter Marketing Software, as such we use the Twitter API, but we also do some functions directly using the browser (to save you time). With many Twitter software there are an endless number of upsells on the backend, which you simply “must buy”. With TweeterNaire there is no upsell or downsell. No monthly subscription. Just a one off low price to get your hands on our amazing software. I should be selling this for much more.

Take a look at the software for yourself … 


Take a look at the amazing features of TweeterNaire

  • Send Automatic Replies to New Followers – Now you can setup 1 or various messages to send to New Followers. When you login to twitter with TweeterNaire the software will check for new users and send them a Direct Message randomly chosen from your list. Messages are stored seperately for each Twitter Account.
  • Borrow Tweets Feature – Find Tweets to edit and use as your own with this unique TweeterNaire feature. Specify the Twitter User name whose tweets you want to borrow, then choose how many, then edit them, and select which ones you want to use in your own Twitter Activity and Campaigns.
  • Uses Twitter API and Browser – To give you the very best performance in a Twitter Marketing software we have combined the Twitter API with browser based tasks.
  • Stores Campaigns – TweeterNaire can store common campaigns, bespoke Follow Campaigns, so you can run today, tomorrow, and the next day. Create multi-task campaigns that Follow, Unfollow and Tweet simultaneously.
  • Build Thousands of Followers – Quickly locate key people in your niche, and start communication with the people on their list. You can quickly find hundreds and thousands of people to follow.
  • RSS 2 Tweets Feature – specify the RSS Feed url and whether to use the RSS Feed Title or Description for the Tweet and you can get fast relevant Tweets content to send to your followers.
  • Post and Schedule Unlimited Tweets – You can quickly setup all your Tweets for the day, and with one click TweeterNaire will take care of your Tweets.
  • Unlimited API’s – You are getting the Pro Version of TweeterNaire, which means you can store and use unlimited Twitter,, and API accounts and get valuable data from and on click through rates, etc.
  • Free Updates – As with all of our softwares updates are provided Free of charge. There is no monthly subscription to pay, just a one-off low payment.
  • Fully compatible with the #newtwitter – TweeterNaire has been designed to work with the new twitter website. While other software have not been updated, you can jump straight in with TweeterNaire, we have made all the code fully compatible with the new twitter website.
  • With advance inteligence to determine real people – Why waste time following “spam” accounts – that have been setup to make a quick buck and send out spam tweets. By choosing to follow users who have uploaded an Avatar and/or those who have not tweeted a link in their tweets, you can follow more “real people”.
  • Unlimited Accounts Management– Add unlimited accounts. Import bulk account lists. Your accounts, your clients accounts. Accounts purely for marketing (sending Tweets). Accounts to build brands with. TweeterNaire allows you to add unlimited Twitter Accounts and unlimited Twitter API accounts.
  • NO Monthly Fees – We don’t make you subscribe, just a small reasonable one time payment gets you a lifetime license. All updates to TweeterNaire are Free.
  • Uses API (tracking success rates) – By allowing you to use your own API you get to track your click through rates and access other advanced data from
  • Uses API (tracking success rates) – By allowing you to use your own API you get to track your click through rates and access other advanced data from

Remember, TweeterNaire works like no other Twitter Marketing Software. It is a responsible Twitter Marketing Solution, if you use it as we teach you in the User-Guide you will save time and money, and have success with Twitter Marketing. If you want to send spam, please buy something else.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for some technical reason the TweeterNaire software does not, and cannot (after we provide technical support with work on your PC or Laptop, we will give you a full refund.