Talking Video Heads Swipe File

Dear [firstname],

Everyone loves animated videos, but they either cost too much or require too much expertise!

That is about to change thanks to a unique new video creation software created by Chris Dolan called Talking Video Heads. This easy to use software is going to let YOU harness the power of animated video marketing and it´s not going to break your budget.

Talking Video Heads was more than 6 months in development. What is cool about the software is that you can quickly  choose one of the two high quality characters included in the software, drag and drop them anywhere over a background image that you choose and load, and then just point to an MP3 recording, and press play and the character will speak your voice file.

Recording your video is incredibly simple. No rocket science, no steep learning curve, just point and click simple. In fact you can record these videos with any number of free screen recording applications that create stunning High Definition quality videos.

So what types of video can you create with this software? Here are a few ideas.

Product Intros
Customer Service Videos
Client pitches
Product Reviews
Launch Jacking
Funny Videos

Given that an animated video could cost you anywhere from $97 to $297 for a few minutes, you might thing that this is going to be an expensive piece of software, but Chris has priced this to appeal to everyone.  Remember that Talking Video Heads comes with the following features:

Male & Female Animated Lip Syncing Character
Add your own Background Images
Change Resolution
Drag and Drop the Character to where you want them to appear
Use your own MP3 Voice Recordings
Use voice over artist recordings
Create unlimited HD videos

This one is going to fly quickly, Chris told me that in just a few days the price will be doubling  and early in December this product will disappear altogether. So don’t waste time, start making your own cool animated character videos today.