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We use the latest technology to help you improve your ranking for your websites, or your clients, with this tool you could even setup your own SEO Business and start charging clients hundreds of dollars for what you can do at the click of a button. I am going to be honest, I didn’t want to develop this tool Find out why below…

From: Chris Dolan

I am going to be honest, I didn’t want to develop this tool. That’s right, having already bought a tool that was out there on the market making similar claims, I felt I had what I needed, but I found it didn’t work, and as a developer I did some research as to what the other software was actually doing, when it was telling me it was improving my ranking – it was searching for my keyword and url, and never found it, but it didn’t tell me so for days and weeks I ran the software, and only wasted valuable CPU time to find it didn’t work.

So I decided to look at the whole process of SEO and trying to move a sites ranking through strategic searches, and hits, that would help to convince Search Engines that people wanted to find my site at the end of their keyword search.

In developing SEO Rank Promoter 2.0 I realised something very important was being overlooked that all marketers are interested in, and that traffic that pushes your site into VIRAL OVERDRIVE … what I mean is that sometimes you need traffic to get your Article, Video etc into the Top 100 lists, that deliver bucketloads of FREE VIRAL TRAFFIC.

So taking a similar methodology that works with doing exactly the same to boost Google Yahoo and Bing sites I developed a new feature called Just Hits

SEO Rank Promoter 2.0 is a brand new software with many enhancements over version 1. Existing owners get this for free, the software auto-updates to the new build. 

So now you have the following tools rolled in to one powerful Sneaky SEO Software:

SEO Rank Promoter 2.0 Features

Ranking Spy
This is our URL analyzer. Enter a URL and see why/how a site is ranking and for what keywords. It will give you a report that indicates what SEO work the site has done, and therefore what you need to do to outrank it.

Rank Activator
Rank Activator – simulates real searches to help get the site out of the sandbox for a given keyword.

Rank Promoter
The Rank Promoter project will search in the search engines selected for your keyword/site and visit the site. Leading the search engine to believe that people searching for the keyword believe your site should be ranked highly for it.

Just Hits
This is our brand new tool designed to deliver hits to your sites, and then send them viral. You can send hits to videos, articles, social sites, whatever sites you have that benefit from being in the Top 100 type viral lists. Boost your site traffic and then see real viral visitors coming to your sites to purchase.

Rapid Indexer
Got a new domain, want it to rank quickly, then use the Rapid Indexer to build thousands of backlinks that will get your domain indexed faster.

Backlinks Finder / Creator
Search for 6 different types of sites that you can post backlinks on. See their Page Rank before deciding which sites to post on. Import and use your own lists. 


It’s not easy to compete with the pros!

Getting your websites ranked for targeted keywords is absolutely essential to turning your websites into traffic and money generating sites. The fact that you are reading this shows you would like to know how to get your sites on Page #1 of the Search Engine results at will.

There are several ways to go about it, applying traditional SEO Techniques, such as Keyword Research, Keyword Density, Anchor Links, H1 Tags, Meta Tags, Backlinks, Content Quality + Relevance to name just a few. One problem that is difficult to overcome is that you are often competing against seasoned marketing professionals with more resources available to them it is almost impossible for the average guy to compete.

At least it was until SEO Rank Promoter. This tool is going to make you the King or Queen of SEO. All websites need traffic, and the very best source of that traffic are the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine results. Organic results that come from real people who search for your keyword phrase, and find your site on Page#1.

Improves your sites ranking fast

On average after just a few days of using the SEO Rank Promoter you will be able to see some of the progress your site is making in the Search Engine rankings as you leapfrog competitors sites on its way to Page #1. The software does most of the hard work for you. It helps you first to identify competitors rankings, guides you on improving your content, and powers your website(s) to the top at the click of a button. That’s right you fill in a few details and let the software automatically improve your website ranking!


 Here is an example of the speed at which your page can rise in the SERPS
with minor SEO work and the Rank Mover Project jumps
of 61 and 96 places in the SERPS were achieved.


Essential SEO Software Tools

The SEO Rank Promoter includes more than one tool to help you to get your sites to Page #1 with Google, Yahoo and Bing. With the Ranking Spy you can check where sites rank and how they achieve their ranking. You can see how many times they use a keyword, is it in their Title Text, In the Body, and in the H1 tag, as well as checking how many backlinks they have and their pagerank. All of which equips you to carry out revisions to your own site.

Get new sites Indexed Fast

The SEO Rank Promoter can help you get even new sites quickly indexed. Just go to the Rank Indexer tool, and enter the Domain Name, choose the number of threads to run, and get up to 32,000 backlinks fast.

SEO Ranking Software Moves Ranks!

The SEO Rank Promoter really works – it can move your websites from obscurity to Page#1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing. By using incredibly powerful techniques your site can automatically rise in the SERPS. The software includes two powerful Rank Promotion tools – the Rank Activator that gets pages into the Top 1000 results, and the Rank Mover that moves pages up to page#1.